The Buzz Top 30

ManeskinOff my facecurrent
MesserCuts Like a knifeRecurrents
StaindHere and NowRecurrents
The Plot in youClosurecurrent
Tim MontanaSavagenew music
HardyGin and Juicenew music
Luke CombsFast CarRecurrents
The BethsWatching The CreditsRecurrents
Lanie GardnerDreamscurrent
Eleni and the UprisingNeon Dreamscurrent
TalkA Little Bit Happycurrent
Billy Morrison & Ozzy OsbourneCrack Cocainenew music
Wage WarMagneticnew music
Sheryl CrowEvolutionnew music
Dead poet societyMy Conditionnew music
Thirty Seconds to MarsStuckRecurrents
Ella RedPut Your Money Where Your mouth isRecurrents
Royal BloodPull Me ThroughRecurrents
The Glorious sonsDreamRecurrents
I Don't KNow how but they found meWhat LoveRecurrents
DaikaijuTen Thousand Years of Twilightcurrent
Fall Out BoySo Much (For) Stardustcurrent
Billy JoelTurn The Lights Back oncurrent
The LibertinesRun Run Runcurrent
Twenty one pilotsNext Semesternew music

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The Buzz Alternative Rock is not just a radio station; it’s a sonic adventure into the realm of cutting-edge alternative music. As the pulse of the alternative rock scene, The Buzz is your go-to destination for discovering the latest tracks, emerging artists, and iconic hits that define the genre. From the gritty anthems of grunge to the dreamy vibes of indie, we curate a diverse playlist that captures the essence of alternative rock.

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