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Otto Mation, the enigmatic and electrifying overnight rock DJ, takes the airwaves by storm every night, immersing listeners in a nocturnal symphony of pulsating beats and thunderous riffs. With his encyclopedic knowledge of rock history and a passion that burns brighter than the midnight oil, Otto is the sonic guide through the underbelly of rock 'n' roll.

John and Heidi

As the sun rises and the city stirs, John and Heidi burst onto the airwaves with their infectious enthusiasm. Their on-air chemistry is palpable, effortlessly blending humor, wit, and a genuine connection that captivates the audience. Whether they're sharing hilarious anecdotes from their personal lives or engaging in insightful discussions about the latest entertainment news, their voices resonate with authenticity and relatability.

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We are the Buzz, An Alternative Rock Station Streaming Live from Montogmery, Alabama!!!


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