John and Heidi


Prepare to wake up and rock out with the dynamic duo of alternative mornings, John and Heidi, a married couple whose infectious energy and undeniable chemistry make mornings on The Buzz an unforgettable experience. With their playful banter, insightful discussions, and carefully curated music selections, they’re the driving force that jumpstarts the day for alternative rock enthusiasts across the airwaves.

As the sun rises and the city stirs, John and Heidi burst onto the airwaves with their infectious enthusiasm. Their on-air chemistry is palpable, effortlessly blending humor, wit, and a genuine connection that captivates the audience. Whether they’re sharing hilarious anecdotes from their personal lives or engaging in insightful discussions about the latest entertainment news, their voices resonate with authenticity and relatability.

Off the air, John and Heidi are avid supporters of the alternative rock community. They can be found attending local shows, interviewing emerging artists, and championing the music that fuels their listeners’ passion. Their commitment to showcasing the best of alternative rock extends beyond the airwaves, as they actively engage with their audience, connecting with them on a personal level.

So, as the alarm clock rings and you groggily reach for that first cup of coffee, tune in to John and Heidi on Let their infectious energy, unwavering love for alternative music, and genuine camaraderie be the soundtrack to your mornings. Together, they’ll make your mornings rock, energizing you for whatever the day brings. John and Heidi – the dynamic duo of alternative mornings, setting the tone for your day with a rock ‘n’ roll twist.

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