Artificial intelligence sports cartoon series to feature Bama v. Michigan

todayDecember 13, 2023 5

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Credit: 1819news.com

An internet service named Drslots (Doctor Slots) has opened up a new sports cartoon series using Artificial Intelligence. It must be VERY intelligent because it sides strongly with the Crimson Tide.

It opened its sports cartoon featuring #4 Alabama vs. #1 Michigan. The two meet in the January 1 Rose Bowl, which serves as a semi-final match in the College Football Playoffs. The winner will move to the CFP championship final on January 8 against the winner of the other semi-final, #3 Texas v. #4 Washington.

Drslots, a moniker for Doctor Slots, holds itself out as a resource for problem sports gamblers, “where responsible gambling and awareness are paramount. With a deep understanding of the highs and lows of gambling, I’m here to guide, educate, and support. My mission is to provide a balanced perspective on gambling, acknowledging its place in entertainment while emphasizing the importance of responsible play”.

“Here, you’ll find insights into gambling trends, tips for maintaining control, and resources for those needing assistance. Whether you’re a casual player, a concerned loved one, or someone recovering from gambling addiction, this space offers knowledge, empathy, and a community that understands.”

“Join me in exploring the world of gambling with a focus on health, mindfulness, and responsible enjoyment. Together, we can ensure that gambling remains a game, not a gamble on your well-being.”

More information and the continuing sports cartoon series are on X-Twitter at @DrSlotsStakeUS.

Written by: Jason Knight - Program Director

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